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Our Core Programs

Adopt A Grade
This is designed to encourage and support our teachers and staff.

Character Under Construction
This program is a series of classroom lessons teaching morals and ethics.

Words of Wisdom
This is a program with a thought for the day prerecorded by video to be played over the school intercom and video system.

Making Wise Choices/Small Group Mentoring
Small Group Mentoring is designed to take 5 to 10 students per grade per gender to teach and challenge them to make “Wise Choices”

This is designed to encourage and support our teachers and staff.  With today’s challenges, lack of parental support, lack of funds, and lack of discipline and character our teachers and school staff are facing increased pressure and frustration.  We as a community need to have a structured and planned out purposeful  way to lift them up and encourage them.  This program is simple:

  • We find an civic organization, church, or business that wants to adopt a grade.
  • We hand out a survey to each teacher or staff in that grade.  This survey helps us to understand how we can help and encourage them.
  • We take the survey and establish ten things we can do to help and encourage them for that year.  This translates unto one thing being done for the teachers and staff per month.
  • We currently have several grades that are in need for adoption, if this is something you would be interested in assisting in please contact us.
  • One goal has been to get some assistance to our Transportation department and we have recently had a business take our the support of the Transportation department.
  • TTI is another need we have, School Superintendent has given the go ahead to establish our program at TTI, but we need your help to do that.